Look Video Productions offers a full range of video production services as well as a complete CD and DVD copying service. We consult personally with our clients to ensure that we understand their individual requirements.

Our services include:

Scripting a video productionScripting

We meet with the client and discuss what message they want to convey and who their target market is. Once we have determined the target market we know the audience at which the video is being aimed and can come up with a concept for the script. A concept is an idea around which the script is written that will engage the target market. We then write a comprehensive script for the video with corresponding prospective visuals. The style of a script is different to the usual written word because it will be spoken to a group of people rather than read off the page. We work closely with our clients so they end up with a concept and script that they are happy with and which suits their needs.

Shooting a video on locationShot List

Once our client has approved the script, we put together a complete shot list. This is a step by step plan of what we intend to shoot and at what time. This ensures the shoot runs smoothly and nothing important is excluded.


During the shooting phase, we go out and capture all the visuals needed for our client’s video. Our team consists of a highly experienced cameraman and a sound/lighting assistant. The cameraman is responsible for filming all the footage while the sound/lighting assistant is responsible for making sure there is good quality sound and that the lighting enhances the quality of the shot. We shoot on a Panasonic AVCHD camera (AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition). This camera shoots in high definition and produces excellent visuals of a professional quality. Our expert team will monitor visuals, lighting and sound to ensure a top-class production.
Post Production Software

Once all the shooting is completed, we begin the post-production. After the script has been approved by the client, we record the voice-over using a professional voice-over artist. Then the editing begins. We edit on Apple Mac using Final Cut Pro which is a state-of-the-art professional quality digital editing programme. During editing we combine visuals and graphics with music to convey the message we are trying to communicate. Once we are satisfied with our work, we invite our client to view it and give us his comments and input.
Post Production EquipmentFinal Product

We discuss how the client wants to show the video i.e. will it be played through a DVD player, via internet, broadcast or projected. We can supply the finished video in any format or medium that the client requests, be it DVD, MPEG 1, MPEG 4, AVI, QuickTime or formatted for YouTube.

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